The Insect Horizon

Kevin Hanson

In this very accessible, intelligent book, the reader will recognise a mind and sensibility working at coping with personal problems and constructing positive approaches to the natural and social injustices of life. Some of the most moving poems are about love in age and increasing decrepitude.
- Nicholas Bielby

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Kevin Hanson was born in 1948 at Catterick military hospital to an English father and an Irish mother. At fourteen, when the family moved to Tanzania, he and a sister remained in England for their education. Kevin joined the Junior Novitiate of the De La Salle Brothers. The four years he spent with them were happy and educative, but from the Church?s perspective disappointing. After a degree in English and American Studies at Hull University, Kevin worked in London for over thirty years. His aversion to callings or career structures produced a varied CV. In his late forties he swapped manual labour for sitting on chairs and undertook an MA on the Eighteenth-Century Novel with the OU.

In 2006, Kevin, now living in Sheffield, took up the writing of poetry intensively and gained the confidence from regular appearances in magazines like Pennine Platform, Prole, The Cannon's Mouth and Sarasvati, to self-publish six collections. He sees The Insect Horizon as a welcome vote of confidence in his work.

Sigmund Freud

To Freud every human was a wounded
animal. He thought many were unhinged
by the pain of knowing too much and not
enough. That was our trauma and birthright.
Our brain's too big, beefier than we need
for the bread and banjos of our freedom.
We pay a steep price for this redundancy
(look around you). And other creatures choke
in the hold of our churning vessel. Bundled
squirming and squealing with the naked ape,
they too must pay for their earthly passage.
Sigmund sought to reduce human suffering
to mere unhappiness, the doctor's dream.
What he practised was a form of poetry.

© 2019 Kevin Hanson

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