A Ship, A Dream and Lawrence of Arabia by Edward Spurr
This is the autobiographical story of Edward Spurr, a Bradford-born design engineer, and his secret collaboration with Aircraftman Shaw (aka T E Lawrence), during the last eighteen months of Shaw's life. Together they designed a revolutionary form of fast boat, exploiting the aerodynamic phenomenon of 'ground effect' - as they hoped, to give the Royal Navy "world-conquering fighting ships." Was the Admiralty interested? The Russian Embassy certainly was!

After Shaw's death, Spurr went on to build a speed-boat version of their design to fulfil his promise to Shaw and to prove their design principles. In September 1938, Empire Day broke the one-and-a half litre world speed record on Lake Windermere.

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A Ship, A Dream and Lawrence of Arabia
Edward Spurr

ISBN 978-1-9998878-4-1
Format: Paperback, pp164, 19 illustrations
Published: September 2020
RRP: £12 + £2 P&P

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Excerpt from Chapter One:

I read my first book on aerodynamics during the First War while still at elementary school in Bradford. I was ten and I found the book in our class library at the Wellington Road Elementary School... I cannot now imagine how on earth that book on aerodynamics got into our tiny library. I read it from cover to cover... I kept on re-reading it. I well remember the early aerofoil profiles shown in its illustrations and the forms of airflow patterns depicted around them at all angles of attack...

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