Eleven Wonders by Julia Deakin
Julia Deakin’s Eleven Wonders is powerful, assured, elegant. Her formal skill and inventiveness make this a rich and eclectic collection. Those who, like me, have admired her individual poems in the past, will be struck by their cumulative strength and range, and this book deserves to win her many new readers.
– Michael Symmons Roberts

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Eleven Wonders
Julia Deakin

ISBN 978-0-9558400-5-0
Format: Paperback
Published: September 2012
RRP: £7.95
Price inc. Postage and Packing

Excerpt from Julia Deakin's second poetry collection Eleven Wonders:

Kingfisher on a tram

After a while they start to annoy you
perched on every pondside information board,
common as unicorns,

so you add them to your life's quests
and weekend treks to willowy pools
where a man in a cap has just seen one
just a minute ago

and you trek home having seen nothing
but a man in a cap
and you blame yourself for being bad
at looking until at last, at last

a whacking great blue bruiser
of a thing, scruffy as a brickie mixing cement
sits or rather stands a stone's throw from you
long enough for you to believe in unicorns -

and years later thanks to this
you register the next split-second biro streak
along the grey canal past Matalan

that makes that instant click,
that vision lifelong, Meadowhall Elysian,
your tattooed ticket-girl an angel and your tram
a barge of burnished gold.

© 2012 Julia Deakin