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Time Traveller by Pauline Kirk
Pauline Kirk
Time Traveller

A new book by Pauline Kirk is always a special event and this is no exception.
- Carole Bromley
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Bay of Ghosts by Rob Hawley
Rob Hawley
Bay of Ghosts

Rob Hawley brings a painter's eye, a playwright's ear and a poet's insight to bear on his northern English environment. The landscape is distinctive, the characters real and his concerns - how to read the past, record the present and best equip young people for the future - resonate with us all.

- Julia Deakin
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Welcome to Graft Poetry Publishing

Graft Poetry's philosophy is simple: the very best in contemporary poetry at affordable prices. The poets to be published, in the first instance were at least, ones who had not previously published poetry collections but who seem to us to deserve to be better known in book form.

The first book we brought out in 2008 was the hugely successful and critically acclaimed Without a dog by Julia Deakin, and we are now pleased to announce Julia's second collection: Eleven Wonders. Other collections include works from Andy Boobier, Nicholas Bielby, Adam Strickson, Chris Hardy, Chris Bridge, Jefferson Holdridge, Pauline Kirk, Rob Hawley and Kevin Hanson.


The Insect Horizon by Kevin Hanson

In this very accessible book, Kevin Hanson has gathered together a substantial body of work from over several decades, all characterised by a stoic-ironic take on life's depredations. Each poem, though seeming to occur with great naturalness, is clearly structured and the phrasing often delights with its precision and resonances. There is art as well as feeling in this work, making it rewarding to read and re-read.
- Nicholas Bielby

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Latest collection from Nicholas Bielby: The Possibility of Innocence.

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